Haunted, The - One Kill Wonder

Haunted, The "One Kill Wonder" CD

Label: Earache
Released: 2003
Style: Melodic Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Privation of Faith Inc.
2. Godpuppet
3. Shadow World
4. Everlasting
5. D.O.A.
6. Demon Eyes
7. Urban Predator
8. Downward Spiral
9. Shithead
10. Bloodletting
11. One Kill Wonder

Length: 38:16


A well-known Gothenburg scene death metal act, formed in 1996 after the demise of At the Gates by brothers Björler, Adrian Erlandsson (all three from ATG), Patrik Jensen (Witchery, Seance) and Peter Dolving.

Third album, released in 2003.


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