Hammers Of Misfortune - The August Engine

Hammers Of Misfortune "The August Engine" Digipak CD

Label: Metal Blade
Released: 2003/2010
Style: Progressive/Heavy Metal
Country: USA


1. The August Engine, Part 1
2. Rainfall
3. A Room and a Riddle
4. The August Engine, Part 2
5. Insect
6. Doomed Parade
7. The Trial and the Grave



San Franciscost pärit Hammers Of Misfortune´i progressiivne sulam koondab endasse elemente nii heavy-metalist, folgist, doomist, NWOBHM-ist kui 70-ndate rock-muusikast.

"The August Engine" on bändi teine kauamängiv. Tegu on 2010. aasta uusväljaandega.


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