Hackett, Steve - Highly Strung

Hackett, Steve "Highly Strung" CD

Label: Virgin
Released: 1983/2007
Style: Progressive/Pop Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Camino Royale
2. Cell 151
3. Always Somewhere Else
4. Walking Through Walls
5. Give It Away
6. Weightless
7. Group Therapy
8. India Rubber Man
9. Hackett to Pieces

Bonus tracks:
10. Guitar Boogie
11. Walking Through Walls (12" version)
12. Time Lapse at Milton Keynes

Length: 37:01 + bonus


The sixth solo album from former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.

In 2007, "Highly Strung" was remastered and re-released. The new edition features updated liner notes and three bonus tracks.


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