Helrunar - Niederkunfft

Helrunar "Niederkunfft" Digipak CD

Label: Lupus Lounge
Released: 2015
Style: Black/Dark Metal
Country: Germany


1. Niederkunfft
2. Der Endchrist
3. Totentanz
4. Devils Devils Everywhere!
5. Magdeburg brennt
6. Grimmig Tod
7. Die Kirch ist umbgekehret
8. The Hiebner Prophecy

Length: 56:33


Helrunar have established themselves as figureheads of Black Metal from Germany inspired by Northern mythology. "Niederkunfft" now marks the beginning of a new era for them - both musically and conceptually. It is perhaps less furious than the band´s early works, yet more oppressive and bleak than ever.


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