Hangöver - Under The Shitfluence

Hangöver "Under The Shitfluence" MCD

Label: Stuka Sounds
Released: 2006
Style: Thrash/Punk Metal
Country: Poland


1. I Kill everything I Fuck
2. Die when you die
3. Bite it you scum
4. Suck my ass it smells
5. Son of Evil
6. Highest Power

Length: 12:03


A beer powered metalcoholic trio, who decided to record a splendid tribute to the rock’n’roll hero namely GG Allin, putting together an excellent compilation of GG’s best songs from the early era and some blasters from his last effort ever “Brutality and bloodshed for all”. Limited MCD with 6 shitstained compositions from the king of the rock´n´roll underground.


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