Hidden Hand, The / Wooly Mammoth - Night Letters

Hidden Hand, The / Wooly Mammoth "Night Letters" Slipcase 2CD

Label: Meteor City
Released: 2004
Style: Stoner Metal
Country: USA


CD 1: Night Letters
1. The Hidden Hand - Five Points
2. The Hidden Hand - Welcome To Sunshine
3. Wooly Mammoth - The Prophet
4. Wooly Mammoth - Mastercut + Charisma

CD 2: MeteorCity 2004 Sampler
5. Dark Chi (The Atomic Bitchwax)
6. Brother Blue Steel (The Obsessed)
7. Sleep (Meatjack)
8. Reaching Out (Orquesta del Desierto)
9. Goddamn the Sun (The Ribeye Brothers)
10. Thanks Anyway (Black NASA)
11. Throwback (Spiritu)
12. For Evan´s Sake (Weedeater)
13. Dogma (YOB)

Length: 17:56/40:00


Hot on the heels of their 2002 debut, The Hidden Hand return with 2 new tracks of cut-to-the-quick, politically urgent prog-doom. In tow this outing are their brothers Wooly Mammoth.

The album is actually a double-disc edition, including also a Meteor City label sampler CD.


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