Hammerfall - Threshold (Ltd.)

Hammerfall "Threshold (Ltd.)" Digipak CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2006
Style: Power Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Threshold
2. The Fire Burns Forever
3. Rebel Inside
4. Natural High
5. Dark Wings, Dark Words
6. Howlin´ With The Pac
7. Shadow Empire
8. Carved In Stone
9. Reign Of The Hammer
10. Genocide
11. Titan

- Natural High (video clip)

Length: 50:09


Since the release of their legendary debut "Glory to the Brave" in 1997, Hammerfall have become one of the leaders of the so-called Second Generation of melodic power metal.

The sixth full-length. Limited edition digipak with a bonus video clip.


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