Hin Onde - Shades Of Solstice

Hin Onde "Shades Of Solstice" CD

Label: Solistitium
Released: 2003
Style: Melodic Black/Folk Metal
Country: Finland


1. Ukonvasara
2. Sorcery of the Nameless
3. Galdr
4. The Archaic Traveller
5. Supreme Chaos
6. Lamentations Of The Wind
7. In The Forest Of Mourning
8. Shades Of Solstice
9. Perilous Journey

Length: 47:24


Hin Onde´s black/viking/folk-metal style is comparable to early works by Thyrfing or Einherjer, and also comes with strong similarities to their own compatriots Turisas, Moonsorrow and Finntroll.


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