Hypocrisy - Catch 22 (V2.0.08)

Hypocrisy "Catch 22 (V2.0.08)" CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2008
Style: Industrial Death Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Don´t Judge Me
2. Destroyed
3. On the Edge of Madness
4. A Public Puppet
5. Uncontrolled
6. Turn the Page
7. Hatred
8. Another Dead End (For Another Dead Man)
9. Seeds of the Chosen One
10. All Turns black
11. Nowhere To Run

Length: 41:49


In 2002, HYPOCRISY released their most discussed album, "Catch 22". Some Fans were disappointed by the new, more modern style and some slight experiments, others think that "Catch 22" is one of the best albums the band ever made. This here is the new version of "Catch 22", simply called "Catch 22 V2.0.08". For this occasion, five years after the release of the original album, Peter Tägtgren re-recorded the whole guitar-parts, his complete vocals and re-mixed and re-mastered the rest of the record. Now "Catch 22 V2.0.08" sounds like Peter always had it in mind. As a bonus, the japan-only Track "Nowhere To Run" is also included on this definite version.


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