Horricane - The Lynch-Lawyers

Horricane "The Lynch-Lawyers" CD

Label: Black Mark
Released: 2005
Style: Modern Death Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Intro
2. Omen Woman
3. Coup de Grace
4. Demon-Strate
5. Fraction in Your Eyes
6. The Lynch-Lawyers´ Death Squad
7. Onehundered Shots
8. The Horrns Arise!
9. Nitro Boost Turmoil
10. Psycho



Massivne, originaalne ja moderne death-metal Eesti ühelt edukaimalt metal-bändilt. "The Lynch-Lawyers", Horricane´i debüüt aastast 2005, anti välja maineka Rootsi plaadifirma Black Mark poolt.


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