Hermh - Eden´s Fire

Hermh "Eden´s Fire" Digipak CD

Label: Pagan Records
Released: 2006
Style: Bombastic Black Metal
Country: Poland


1. Prepare To Revolt
2. Back From Divine
3. SeptuAnnu -Theory of Nature
4. Immortal Stars
5. Fear of Blood
6. Eternalization
7. Vampyronium
8. Fury

Length: 40:12


The 2006 full-lenght, with no doubt Hermh´s most powerful and intense album up to date. Aggressive death metal-like guitar work, destructive drums, haunting keyboards and complex, powerful vocal parts.

The CD comes in luxury 6 panel digipack with 20 pages booklet. Also features a professional video-clip, which was banned in all Polish TV stations.


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