Hermh - Echo

Hermh "Echo" Digipak CD

Label: Pagan Records
Released: 1995/2006
Style: Avantgarde Black Metal
Country: Poland


Chapter I
1. Fallen Ancient Babyloon
2. Neverending War
3. The Burning Bush
4. Troubled Outlines

Chapter II
5. Crying Crowns Of Trees
6. Hermh

Bonus - never released before:
Chapter III
7. Years Of Dying
8. Wolfish Flower

Length: 45:34


Avantgarde, theatrical black metal from Poland. If you like Monumentum, The 3rd And The Mortal, Ved Buens Ende and early Opeth - then this is for you!

Digipak re-release of Hermh´s 1995 demo with two bonus tracks from never released "Promo ´96". Limited to 500 copies.


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