Hypnos - Demo(n)s

Hypnos "Demo(n)s" CD

Label: Metal Age
Released: 2004
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Country: Czech Republic


1. Supernatural Race Disharmony
2. Krieg - The Alpha Paradox
3. Journey into Doom
4. Regicide
5. Breeding the Scum
6. Crystal Purity of Treachery
7. In Blood We Trust
8. Infernational
9. Breeding the Scum
10. The Cave
11. In Blood We Trust

Length: 44:20


Czech brutal death metal band Hypnos was founded in 1999 when Bruno (bass, guitar, vocals) left from the local legend Krabathor, being one of the band´s leaders. The second founding member is drummer Pegas, also formerly of Krabathor.

"Demo(n)s" is a compilation of demo, live and rare tracks.


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