Hardingrock feat. Ihsahn - Grimen

Hardingrock feat. Ihsahn "Grimen" CD

Label: Nyrenning Forlag
Released: 2007
Style: Folk Metal/Rock
Country: Norway


1. Daudingen
2. Fanitullen
3. Faens Marsj
4. Margit Hjukse
5. Den Bergtekne
6. Faen på Bordstabelen
7. Grimen
8. Fossegrimen
9. Nykken
10. Huldreslåtten (Bygdatråen)

Length: 40:06


A collaboration between the Emperor´s mastermind Ihsahn, his wife Ihriel and Norwegian harding-fiddler Knut Buen. Grimen presents folk tunes on the Norwegian national instrument the Harding fiddle, the text and melodies are based on Norwegian mythical tradition, arranged and recomposed in a modern form with influences from extreme metal, electronica and folk.


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