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Hel "Orloeg" CD
Label Det Germanske Folket
Release date 1999/2006
Style Pagan/Black Metal
Country Saksamaa
Price: 10.99 EUR


1. Erlk├Ânig
2. Mutter Erde
3. Wunden
4. Zeitenwende
5. Fimbulwinter
6. Der Weg ist das Ziel
7. Der alte Mann
8. Der See
9. Ragnar├Âk
10. Spuren

11. Windows (At The Gates cover)
12. Through Blood By Thunder (Bathory cover)

Length: 01:00:18 + bonus

Epic melodic pagan/black metal with great harsh/clean vocals. Definitely for fans of Bathory "Hammerheart" era, Falkenbach and epic Manowar. Reissue of the first album with two bonus covers.

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