Hoath - Codex II: Kether

Hoath "Codex II: Kether" CD

Label: Hammer Of Hate
Released: 2004
Style: Black/Death Metal
Country: Finland


1. Strength And Wisdom
2. Doctrine of The Serpent Race
3. Of Science And Secrets
4. Fourth of The Magus Powers
5. Torch of The Hoath Prophet
6. Evoking The Kundalini
7. Rejoice Eternal Ecstacy
8. Thy Priest And Prophet
9. Of Vision And Voice Concealed
10. The Chalice And The Flame
11. Outro

Length: 28:50


From the blackest soils of Finland spawns Hoath, musically moving close in the style of legends like Hellhammer, Blasphemy and Sarcofago with a similar sinister atmosphere as VON reached with their demos!


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