Hordak - The Last European Wolves

Hordak "The Last European Wolves" CD

Label: Griffin Music
Released: 2006
Style: Pagan/Black Metal
Country: Spain


1. For A New Pagan Age To Come
2. Silvano, Señor de los Bosques
3. The Last European Wolves
4. Son Of The Fatherland
5. Witchblood
6. Fog On The Battlefield
7. El Lago Enol
8. The Night And The Fire
9. Ravenkind
10. Hugin & Munin

Length: 47:33


True celtiberian pagan/black metal from Spain, characterized by fast guitars, both acoustic and distorted, typical solid ‘black metal’ vocals, the occasional flute or bagpipe, and a Spanish flare.


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