Helloween - Gambling With The Devil

Helloween "Gambling With The Devil" CD

Label: SPV
Released: 2007
Style: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Germany


1. Crack The Riddle
2. Kill It
3. The Saints
4. As Long As I Fall
5. Paint A New World
6. Final Fortune
7. The Bells Of The Seven Hells
8. Fallen To Pieces
9. I.M.E.
10. Can Do It
11. Dreambound
12. Heaven Tells No Lies

Length: 57:33


A pioneering force in the European power metal movement, establised in 1984.

2007´s "Gambling With The Devil" delivers more of that stunning, unmistakable Helloween sound: great musicianship, top-notch vocal delivery and superb songwriting.


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