Hopper, Hugh - Parabolic Versions

Hopper, Hugh "Parabolic Versions" CD

Label: Voiceprint
Released: 2000
Style: Jazz/Fusion/Prog Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Long Lingers Autumn Time
2. The Moon In A Bottle
3. There You Were
4. Oldest Story Ever Told
5. C´est Grace
6. The Painter´s Birthday
7. Indeterminacy
8. Iron Lady
9. Kate Come Late
10. When I´ve Grown Old
11. Red Poppies In The Corn
12. Was A Friend

Length: 55:00


Hugh Colin Hopper (29 April 1945 - 7 June 2009) was a progressive rock and jazz fusion bass guitarist, a prominent member of the Canterbury scene, as a member of Soft Machine and various other related bands. This compilation gathers tracks from albums "Somewhere In France", "Hooligan Romantics" and "Hugh Hopper and Odd Friends".


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