Herald - Gaia

Herald "Gaia" Slipcase CD

Label: Besat Records
Released: 2010
Style: Heavy Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Kõrbesurm
2. Tuline teras
3. Ärkamine
4. Tormiratsanikud
5. Amanita
6. Kauged linnad
7. Veele, veele
8. Gaia
9. Anna tulla!
10. Metaltron
11. Hevilihas
12. Teadmata tund

Length: 50:11


1st of December 2010 was written in the annals of Estonian heavy metal, as Herald released their second full-lenght album "Gaia". The band has remained loyal to its fans and their musical style can be simply described as heavy-metal.


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