Haeiresis - Transparent Vibrant Shadows

Haeiresis "Transparent Vibrant Shadows" CD

Label: Inferna Profundus
Released: 2011
Style: Ambient/Prog/Black Metal
Country: Lithuania


1. Emitting Memories
2. Hallowed but Hollow
3. The Coming of Wake
4. Mirrorstains
5. Traces of Decay
6. Transmigrating Corridors II
7. Surreale
8. Emptyroom
9. Transparent Vibrant Shadows on the Breathing Walls

Length: 49:25


After a long time maturing in the mind of the artist and developing in the studio, the Lithuanian avantgarde black metal project Haeiresis finally presents their debut full-length album. The recording and creative processes followed various transformations, so as a result the sound is eclectic and richly layered with various styles of metal music. Haeiresis have fabricated a sound that´s immediately familiar while still being startlingly original. Speaking of the familiarities, there is a touch of Emperor as well as the distorted, dissonant guitar riffs inspired by The Axis of Perdition becoming entwined, and at times it is even reminiscent of Blut Aus Nord during their avantgarde black metal period. The album is ushered through its tranquil periods by an industrial/ambient undercurrent that fuses the tracks into an unrelenting flow.


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