Hell Militia - Last Station on the Road to Death

Hell Militia "Last Station on the Road to Death" Digibook CD

Label: Debemur Morti
Released: 2010
Style: Black Metal
Country: France


1. Always the Same
2. Born Without Light
3. Unshakable Faith
4. Et in Inferno Ego
5. The Ultimate Deception
6. Fili Diaboli
7. Shoot Knife Strangle Beat & Crucify
8. The Pig That Became a God
9. Last Station on the Road to Death

Length: 47:49


If you´re a fan of the grimmer field of French black metal scene, Hell Militia is something for you! Hell Militia´s aura is that of urban decay and depravation wrapped in a cloud of drug abuse, with the end result being black metal of a discordant and relentlessly bleak nature.


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