Hell - Human Remains

Hell "Human Remains" CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2011
Style: NWOBHM/Heavy Metal
Country: United Kingdom


1. Overture: Themes from "Deathsquad"
2. On Earth as it is in Hell
3. Plague and Fyre
4. The Oppressors (Race Against Time cover)
5. Blasphemy and the Master
6. Let Battle Commence
7. The Devil´s Deadly Weapon
8. The Quest
9. Macbeth
10. Save Us from Those Who Would Save Us
11. No Martyr´s Cage

Length: 01:06:00


Cited as a huge indirect influence, and as one of the true founding fathers of occult metal, Hell was formed in 1982 from the carcasses of UK metal bands Race Against Time and Paralex. Despite over five years of constant touring, the band were cruelly overlooked by the ’80’s music press, who just didn’t get it. Hell were too different, too extreme, too musically intelligent and far too thought-provoking for all but the most enlightened to understand them.

Now they are back with vengeance! With Andy Sneap replacing Dave Halliday on guitar and David Bower on vocals, the band has re-recorded 10 Hell classics from the 80’s. Like a venomous creature preserved in amber, Hell’s legacy becomes reborn – pure and untainted, cast forth screaming.


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