HellLight - Funeral Doom / The Light That Brought Darkness

HellLight "Funeral Doom / The Light That Brought Darkness" 2CD

Label: Solitude
Released: 2008/2012
Style: Funeral Death/Doom Metal
Country: Brazil


CD 1 - Funeral Doom (2008):
1. Deep Siderial Silence
2. Funeral Doom
3. Nexus Alma
4. The Diary
5. Life In Darkness
6. Afterlife
7. In Memory Of The Old Spirits

CD 2 - The Light That Brought Darkness (2011):
1. The Light That Brought Darkness
2. Heaven And Hell (Black Sabbath)
3. How The Gods Kill (Danzig)
4. Hey Hey My My (Neil Young)
5. Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)
6. Man Of Iron (Bathory)
7. The Show Must Go On (Queen)

Length: 01:19:43 / 53:46


Re-issue of HellLight´s second album which was originally issued as a limited edition in 2008 and is sold out. Comes with remastered sound and a bonus CD, the mini album with cover-versions of songs by Black Sabbath, Danzig, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Bathory and Queen.


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