Helheim Society, The / Vendetta Blitz - Fenris

Helheim Society, The / Vendetta Blitz "Fenris" CD

Label: Staalpakt
Released: 1996/2012
Style: Industrial/Black Metal
Country: Norway


1. Syndens Makt
2. Saga Mørket
3. Amok
4. Fimbulvinter

Bonus - Vendetta Blitz:
5. Invocation
6. Stratagem
7. Holy Blood, Holy War
8. The Vendetta

Length: 25:20 + bonus


Re-issue of the cult MCD "Fenris" of Norwegian (The) Helheim (Society) that was initially released by Necropolis Records back in 1996. Added as bonus are the songs recorded by Vendetta Blitz, a side project of Kristian "Zorn" K.


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