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Helrunar "Gratr (Ltd.)" Digipak 2CD
Label Lupus Lounge
Release date 2003/2009
Style Pagan/Black Metal
Country Saksamaa
Price: 15.99 EUR


1. Der F├Ąhrtensucher
2. Raune mit der Tiefe
3. Ich bin die Leere
4. Seelenwinter
5. Grátr
6. Morket under Verden
7. Hornung
8. Das heilige Feuer
9. Kvasirs Blut

Bonus CD:
1. Hauch wird Sturm

Length: 41:46 + bonus

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"Grátr", Helrunar´s debut album, was released in a limited edition of 500 CD-s back in 2003. The material already contained all characteristics that would establish the band as one of the genre´s leading lights: furious pagan/black metal hymns that are as catchy as they are aggressive, complete with an individual, philosophical and spiritual bend to their lyrics.

Limited to 3000 copies in digipak. Contains a bonus CD with another one of Helrunar┬┤s rare tracks, "Hauch wird Sturm".

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