Helrunar - Gratr (Ltd.)

Helrunar "Gratr (Ltd.)" Digipak 2CD

Label: Lupus Lounge
Released: 2003/2009
Style: Pagan/Black Metal
Country: Germany


1. Der Fährtensucher
2. Raune mit der Tiefe
3. Ich bin die Leere
4. Seelenwinter
5. Grátr
6. Morket under Verden
7. Hornung
8. Das heilige Feuer
9. Kvasirs Blut

Bonus CD:
1. Hauch wird Sturm

Length: 41:46 + bonus


"Grátr", Helrunar´s debut album, was released in a limited edition of 500 CD-s back in 2003. The material already contained all characteristics that would establish the band as one of the genre´s leading lights: furious pagan/black metal hymns that are as catchy as they are aggressive, complete with an individual, philosophical and spiritual bend to their lyrics.

Limited to 3000 copies in digipak. Contains a bonus CD with another one of Helrunar´s rare tracks, "Hauch wird Sturm".


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