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Helrunar "Baldr Ok Iss (Ltd.)" Digipak CD/DVD
Label Lupus Lounge
Release date 2007
Style Pagan/Black Metal
Country Saksamaa
Price: 15.99 EUR


1. Dickichtgott
2. Loka Lögsaga
3. Schwarzer Frost
4. Baldr
5. Íss
6. Winter
7. Glámr
8. Hunta and Boga
9. Til Jardar
10. Baldrs drauma

- Making Of "Baldr Ok Íss" (documentary)

Live At Party-San
1. Dreifach Dorn
2. Ich bin die Leere
3. Älter als das Kreuz

Length: 50:36

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The second full-length. From the very beginning, Helrunar have always aspired to infuse traditional Norse Black Metal with icy life, and this aim has been reached on "Baldr ok Íss", vehemently and passionately so.

Limited Edition Digipak with "Making of" DVD + Live at Party-San.

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