Loom - The Sick Experience

Loom "The Sick Experience" CD

Label: hyper.records
Released: 2004
Style: Hard Rock`n`Roll
Country: Estonia


1. 24 Hours
2. Shining
3. Switch
4. U-Turn
5. Something To Hide
6. Who´s In Charge?!
7. Spiritual Madness
8. Polyester Skin
9. Time
10. Pictures

Length: 43:16


Imagine... a dark room. You’re sitting in a chair, bound and gagged. You think it’s a basement... or an attic. Suddenly a spotlight appears in the middle of the room and a vision of Lemmy from Motörhead and Lou from Sick Of It All jammin´ togeteher formulates onto your eye’s retina. Dave Grohl and Dimebag Darrell are smoking their last joint in the corner and Page Hamilton is tuning his guitar. Unexpectedly, the amps are plugged in and the NOISE can reach your ears…


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