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Indungeon "Machinegunnery Of Doom" CD
Label Full Moon
Release date 1998
Style Thrash/Death Metal
Country Rootsi
Price: 10.99 EUR


1. Battle Tank no. 1
2. 522 666
3. ... As Hatred Emerges
4. Cybergenetic Supermind
5. Desolation Creation
6. Terror Squad
7. Mayhemic Destruction
8. In the Ashes of Civilizations
9. Charging Against You
10. Machinegunnery of Doom
11. Die in Fire (Bathory cover)

Length: 45:20

Indungeon is a "hobby project" with members from Falconer, King Of Asgard, Thy Primordial and Mythotyn. Straightforward and heavy thrash-metal, finding its roots in the metal of yesterday.

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