Inhume - In For The Kill

Inhume "In For The Kill" CD

Label: Osmose
Released: 2003
Style: Death Metal/Grindcore
Country: Netherlands


1. Incineration of the Body by Own Will
2. Process to Decelerate
3. Inhume
4. Genetic Intervention
5. Prelude to Human Confinement
6. Scourging
7. In for the Kill
8. Decimated Content
9. Ignorance of the Elevated
10. Bitch Redecoration
11. Bowel Movement
12. Profound Presumption
13. Fucked with Paranoia
14. Blood Orgy at 7th Street
15. Sodomizing Encounter
16. Retreat from Morality



Armutu ja brutaalne Hollandi grindcore death-metali sugemetega. Inhume´i ridades mängivate härraste teenistusleht on muljetavaldav - läbi jooksevad sealt nii Asphyxi, Legion Of The Damned´i, Sinisteri kui God Dethroned´i nimed.


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