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Invictus "Imperium Paganum" CD
Label No Colours
Release date 2008
Style Medieval/Ambient/Folk
Country Ungari
Price: 10.99 EUR


1. Hegemony
2. Towards to Asgaard
3. Sol Invictus
4. Imperium Paganum
5. Black Sun
6. Ariosophy (Blood of Martyrs)
7. Die Liebe Nerthus (Burzum cover)
8. Song Of the Runes (Demo)

Length: 38:38

Monumental heathen music from the ancestral past of the european people that speaks through centuries to the collective soul of the european folk. Highly recommended to fans of ambient/folk and martial-like music - from Wagner to Summoning, from Burzum to Lord Wind.

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