J.M.K.E. - Külmale maale

J.M.K.E. "Külmale maale" Digipak CD

Label: Stupido
Released: 1989/2011
Style: Punk Rock
Country: Estonia


1. Valge liblika suvi
2. Tere perestroika
3. Mu vanaisa oli desertöör
4. Tsensor
5. Käed üles, Virumaa
6. Elab veel Beria
7. Internatsid
8. Külmale maale
9. Tbilisi tänavad
10. Nad ei tea mu nime
11. Meid aitab psühhiaatria
12. Lõputu laupäev

13. Pieni Mies, Iso Tuoppi
14. Magamistoa Aknast Paistab Keemiakombinaat
15. Lahendus On Kaos
16. Tere Perestroika I
17. Tere Perestroika II
18. Sõjavägi Kohustab (demo)
19. Lahendus On Kaos II (demo)



J.M.K.E. (est. in 1986) came into vogue due to their lyrics, which were at the same time angry and funny, ironic and melancholic, full of care yet cynical, and also because of their peculiar melodic yet hardcore punk rock. They became the most popular punk band in Estonia, and remain in this position until now. (Toomas-Erik Mathäus)

The legendary debut album. Remastered reissue from 2011, with bonus tracks.


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