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Jigsore Terror "World End Carnage" CD
Label Listenable
Release date 2004
Style Grindcore/Death Metal
Country Rootsi
Price: 12.99 EUR


1. Gorging on Exposed Arteries
2. Skeletal Decomposition
3. Slaughtered Existence
4. Death Rattle Cacaphony
5. Senseless Slaughter
6. Rotten Heads
7. Reeking Death
8. Insane Torture
9. Scattered Cranial Remains
10. Violent Molestation
11. Corpses on Fire
12. Feast of Dismembered Limbs
13. Brutally Murdered
14. Bestial Frenzy
15. World End Carnage

Length: 35:39

As Jigsore Terror features members of General Surgery and Birdflesh, you can pretty much know what to expect from this outfit. Repulsion-meets-Bloodbath knee deep in guts and distortion.

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