Jääportit - Voimasuo (Vigor Swamp)

Jääportit "Voimasuo (Vigor Swamp)" Digipak CD

Label: Epidemie
Released: 2009
Style: Ambient/Electronic/Post-rock
Country: Finland


1. Tuulten tuoja (Bearer of Winds)
2. Arvoitusten luona (Close to Mystery)
3. Suon sulaessa (Thawing Swamp)
4. Hengenvaara (Mortal Danger)
5. Sudenkuoppa (Wolf Pit)
6. Muuntuva suoja (Transforming Aegis)
7. Katoaminen tornissa (Disappearance in Tower)

Length: 52:34


The third album from Finnish frost music project Jääportit. Seven atmospheric compositions blending together dreamy etheric ambient, cold rhythmical nordic electronics and melancholy post-rock.

In nice 6-panel digipack, limited to 600 pieces.


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