Jacobs Creek - Jacobs Creek

Jacobs Creek "Jacobs Creek" CD

Label: Aurora
Released: 1969/2011
Style: Psych Rock
Country: USA


1. Colors
2. Anonymous Verdict Suite: Jesus´ Return/Christian Man
3. Everything´s Gonna Be Alright
4. Coming... the River
5. Do You Understand?
6. What´s Around
7. Love Song
8. Behind the Door
9. What You Hear
10. Lonely Fire
11. Circle
12. Katharine



First time on CD! Lost psych album from 1969. This New Jersey band was lead by brothers Lon & Derrek Van Eaton who are best known for the subsequent music they made for The Beatles´ Apple label. This sole album is a fine collection of acid-tinged rural rock, with arrangements encompassing electric guitars, horns & sitar.


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