Jolly - The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part II) (Special Ed.)

Jolly "The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part II) (Special Ed.)" PocketPac CD

Label: InsideOut
Released: 2013
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: USA


1. Guidance Three
2. Firewell
3. You Against the World
4. Aqualand and the 7 Suns
5. Dust Nation Bleak
6. Golden Divide
7. Guidance Four
8. Lucky
9. While We Slept in Burning Shades
10. Despite the Shell
11. As Heard on Tape
12. The Grand Utopia



USA prog-rock-bänd, kelle keerukasse ja dünaamilisse muusikasse on ohtralt põimitud erinevaid mõjutusi ka muudest zhanritest (Depeche Mode, Mike Patton, Tool jne).

Uus album, special edition.


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