Kaipa - Original Album Collection: Discovering Kaipa

Kaipa "Original Album Collection: Discovering Kaipa" 3CD Box

Label: InsideOut
Released: 2015
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: Sweden


CD 1 - Notes From The Past:
1. Notes From The Past - Part I
2. Night-Bike-Ride (On Lilac Street)
3. Mirrors Of Yesterday
4. Leaving The Horizon
5. In The Space Of A Twinkle
6. Folke´s Final Decision
7. The Name Belongs To You
8. Second Journey Inside The Green Glass
9. A Road In My Mind
10. Morganism
11. Notes From The Past - Part II

CD 2 - Keyholder:
1. Lifetime Of A Journey
2. A Complex Work Of Art
3. The Weed Of All Mankind
4. Sonic Pearls
5. End Of The Rope
6. Across The Big Uncertain
7. Distant Voices
8. Otherworldly Brights

CD 3 - In The Wake Of Evolution
1. In The Wake Of Evolution
2. In The Heart Of Her Own Magic Field
3. Electric Power Water Notes
4. Folkia´s First Decision
5. The Words Are Like Leaves
6. Arcs Of Sound
7. Smoke From A Secret Source
8. The Seven Oceans Of Our Mind



3x CD box featuring 3 Kaipa albums.


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