Kataklysm - In The Arms Of Devastation

Kataklysm "In The Arms Of Devastation" CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2006
Style: Technical Death Metal
Country: Canada


1. Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)
2. Let Them Burn
3. Crippled And Broken
4. To Reign Again
5. It Turns To Rust
6. Open Scars
7. Temptations Nest
8. In Words Of Desperation
9. The Road To Devastation

Length: 41:07


A legendary Canadian death metal band, active since 1991, often labelled as the inventors of Northern Hyperblast. Kataklysm´s early work is characterized by vocalist Sylvain Houde´s inhuman growls; his departure saw the band shift gears, utilizing an altogether more melodic sound.

The eight studio album.


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