Kataklysm - Northern Hyper Blast / Victims Of The Fallen World

Kataklysm "Northern Hyper Blast / Victims Of The Fallen World" 2CD

Label: Blackend
Released: 2005
Style: Death Metal
Country: Canada


CD 1 - Northern Hyper Blast (1998):
1. Maelstrom 2010
2. Exode Of Evils
3. Enhanced By The Lore
4. Sorcery
5. Elder-god
6. Fathers From The Sun
7. Point Of Evanescence
8. Beckoning Of The Xul
9. The Awakener
10. Once Upon Possession
11. The Unholy Signature
12. The Orb Of Uncreation
13. In Parallel Horizons
14. Vision The Chaos (Kataklysm Part I)
15. Shrine Of Life

CD 2 - Victims Of This Fallen World (1998):
1. As My World Burns
2. Imminent Downfall
3. Feared Resistance
4. Caged In
5. Portraits Of Anger
6. Extreme To The Core
7. Courage Through Hope
8. A View From Inside
9. (god)head
10. Embracing Europa
11. I Remember
12. World Of Treason

Length: 02:01:43


A legendary Canadian death metal band, active since 1991, often labelled as the inventors of Northern Hyperblast. Kataklysm´s early work is characterized by vocalist Sylvain Houde´s inhuman growls; his departure saw the band shift gears, utilizing an altogether more melodic sound.

Two albums put together. "Northern Hyper Blast" is a live recording with the original vocalist Sylvain Houde, "Victims Of The Fallen World" is Kataklysm´s first album after his leaving.


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