Krieg - Destruction Ritual

Krieg "Destruction Ritual" CD

Label: Red Stream
Released: 2002
Style: Black Metal
Country: USA


1. Destruction Ritual
2. To Wander The Stars
3. The Ancient Dwells Beneath
4. As Graveyard Rites... As Darkness Fell
5. Coldwind Flame
6. The Immaculate Whore
7. Suicide Amidst Katharsis
8. A Crumbling Shrine
9. Black Ash Snowfall
10. Enhanced Soil Where Fierce Battles Once Raged
11. Still Waters Shall Remain Their Tombs

Length: 43:58


Raw, chaotic US black metal. Anti-social extreme music without the need of gimmicks or nude sluts on the album covers. Fuck off to today´s so called black metal and its trends!


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