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Keep Of Kalessin "Kolossus (Ltd.)" Digipak CD/DVD
Label Indie
Release date 2008
Style Black Metal
Country Norra
Price: 15.99 EUR


1. Origin
2. A New Empire’s Birth
3. Against the Gods
4. The Rising Sign
5. Warmonger
6. Escape the Union
7. The Mark of Power
8. Kolossus
9. Ascendant

Bonus DVD:
- a "making of" documentary
- interviews
- live clips

Length: 54:21

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From the flame that was lit back in the mid-nineties, it has taken Keep Of Kalessin over ten years of dedication and hard work to get them where they are today. "Kolossus" is a natural descendant of Armada, and perfectly reflects the unique musical craftsmanship and the undisputable power of Keep Of Kalessin.

Limited edition digipak with a bonus DVD.

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