Kalevala - Vedma (Ltd.)

Kalevala "Vedma (Ltd.)" Digibook CD

Label: Sound Age
Released: 2010
Style: Folk Metal
Country: Russia


1. Vedma
2. Tausen-Rada
3. Vorotis domoi
4. Bolsche nechego terjat!
5. Svarozhja noch
6. Tanets dikogo vetra
7. Voda-reka
8. Tak pela osen
9. Laduschka
10. Uletai na krõljah vetra

Bonus track:
11. Dolgoi dorogoi

Bonus video

Length: 48:07


Kalevala is a paganic folk metal from Russia, walking in the steps of the fellow Russian band Arkona. Sounds like a mix of Arkona and Korpiklaani.

This is their third full-length album. Comes as a limited edition deluxe digibook with 20-pages booklet.


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