King Of Asgard - Fi´mbulvintr

King Of Asgard "Fi´mbulvintr" CD

Label: Metal Blade
Released: 2010
Style: Viking Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Intro
2. Einhärjar
3. Vämods Tale
4. The Last Journey
5. Never Will You Know Of Flesh Again
6. Wrath Of The Gods
7. Snake Tongue
8. Brethren Of The North
9. Day Of Sorrow
10. Lingering A Sacred Ground
11. Heroes´ Brigade
12. Strike Of The Hammer
13. Fi´mbulvintr (Outro)

Length: 52:37


Few names rate as highly among fans of viking metal as the classic Swedish act Mithotyn, that disbanded in 1999 after three excellent albums. King Of Asgard may easily be the reincarnation of Mithotyn, featuring former Mithotyn men Karl Beckmann and Karsten Larsson. A near-perfect blend of the key components of a good viking metal CD, King Of Asgard´s debut "Fi´mbulvintr" is a welcome addition to any viking metal fan´s collection.


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