Kobra and the Lotus - Kobra and the Lotus

Kobra and the Lotus "Kobra and the Lotus" CD

Label: Simmons
Released: 2012
Style: Heavy Metal
Country: Canada


1. 50 Shades of Evil
2. Welcome to my Funeral
3. Forever One
4. Heaven’s Veins
5. My Life
6. Nayana (My Eyes)
7. Sanctuary
8. Lover of the Beloved
9. No Rest for the Wicked
10. Aria of Karmika

Length: 41:53


A Canadian heavy metal band formed in 2009 by lead vocalist and primary songwriter Kobra Paige. Their style is often referred to as classic NWOBHM and is compared to bands such as Iron Maiden, Dio and early Iced Earth.

This is their second studio album.


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