Kamelot - Poetry for the Poisoned (Ltd.)

Kamelot "Poetry for the Poisoned (Ltd.)" Digipak CD/DVD

Label: Edel
Released: 2010
Style: Melodic Prog/Power Metal
Country: USA


1. The Great Pandemonium
2. If Tomorrow Came
3. Dear Editor
4. The Zodiac
5. Hunter´s Season
6. House on a Hill
7. Necropolis
8. My Train of Thoughts
9. Seal of Woven Years
10. Poetry for the Poisoned, Pt. I - Incubus
11. Poetry for the Poisoned, Pt. II - So Long
12. Poetry for the Poisoned, Pt. III - All Is Over
13. Poetry for the Poisoned, Pt. IV - Dissection
14. Once upon a Time

Bonus track:
15. Where the Wild Roses Grow

Bonus DVD:
- "The Great Pandemonium" (video)
- Exclusive and in-depth interviews with each Kamelot member
- "Pick and Play" for the song "The Great Pandemonium"
- "Poetry for the Poisoned" background images
- Exclusive video footage from Norway Rock Festival 2010
- Bonus song "House On A Hill" (uncut version)



Üheksas stuudioalbum USA meloodilise prog/power-metali heerostelt Kamelotilt. Meeste viimane plaat koos kauaaegse solisti Roy Khaniga, kes lahkus bändist aasta hiljem.

Limiteeritud digipak ühe lisaloo ning DVD-ga.


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