Linnu Tee - Sulanud Aeg

Linnu Tee "Sulanud Aeg" CD

Label: hyper.records
Released: 2015
Style: Prog/Arena Rock
Country: Estonia


1. Teisel pool müüri
2. Hullud ööbikud
3. Sulanud aeg
4. Juveliir
5. Kaks taevast
6. Teel armastuse maale
7. Tantsib tuules
8. Leplik aborigeen
9. Ta kustub
10. Kauge hääl



Inspired by english prog rock bands in early 70´s like Yes, Genesis etc. the students of Tallinn Technical University Margus Kliimask (bass), Indrek Patte (vocals) and Madis Lepasoo (keyboards) decided to form a group to perform their original musical ideas. The group LINNU TEE (Milky Way, also Flyway) was established in 1985 with one of the best guitar players in Estonia Toomas Vanem and Jüri Mazurchak on drums and percussion.

"Sulanud aeg" is Linnu Tee´s third studio album. It contains 10 tracks, most recorded between 2013 and 2015, but four of them originate from the end of 80-s.


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