Leng Tch´e - ManMadePredator

Leng Tch´e "ManMadePredator" CD

Label: Willowtip
Released: 2003
Style: Grindcore
Country: Belgium


1. The Meaning of Life
2. Public Enema n°1
3. Too Stupid to Live
4. 5 Minutes of Fame
5. You Fat Prick
6. The Queen of Egoism
7. Time is Against Me
8. The Happy Retard
9. Popularity Contest
10. Sleazebag
11. God = Mass Hysteria
12. All Hippies are Dropouts
13. I´m Afraid of People
14. Life is an S.T.D.
15. Still from da Hood
16. Nothing to be Proud of
17. Fuck Off Coz I Hate You All
18. Sick Brutal Gore Bastard (Keep it Fucking Sick)
19. Crucial 4 Life

Length: 28:58


From the mean ghetto of Belgium comes the razor-grind fury that is Leng T´che! Highly recommended for fans of Nasum, Pig Destroyer and Rotten Sound.


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