Lucifer´s Friend - Too Late To Hate

Lucifer´s Friend "Too Late To Hate" CD

Label: Lucifer´s Records
Released: 2016
Style: Hard Rock
Country: Germany


1. Demolition Man
2. Jokers & Fools
3. When Children Cry
4. Straight For The Heart
5. Tell Me Why
6. Don´t Talk To Strangers
7. I Will Be There
8. This Time
9. Tears
10. Sea Of Promises
11. Brothers Without A Name
12. When You´re Gone (Live bonus)



2016. aasta stuudioalbum Saksa-Briti veteranbändilt Lucifer´s Friend. Endiselt on rivis John Lawton (ex-Uriah Heep), Peter Hesslein ja Dieter Horns. Tegu on meeste esimese uue täispika materjaliga pärast aastat 1981!


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