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LeavesĀ“ Eyes "Legend Land" MCD
Label Napalm
Release date 2006
Style Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Country Norra/Saksamaa
Price: 8.49 EUR


1. Legend Land
2. Skraelings
3. VikingĀ“s Word
4. The Crossing
5. Lyset
6. Legend Land (Extended version)

Length: 21:07

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Symphonic metal with folk and gothic touches, with lyrics concerning Norse mythology and viking age. LeavesĀ“ Eyes was formed in 2003 by Liv Kristine, the former lead singer of Theatre of Tragedy, and the entire line-up of German band Atrocity.

An EP from 2006, featuring 5 tracks written exclusively for this release. Also features an extended version of the title song.

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