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Lair Of The Minotaur "The Ultimate Destroyer" CD
Label Southern Lord
Release date 2006
Style Thrash/Sludge Metal
Country USA
Price: 6.99 EUR


1. Juggernaut of Metal [MySpace]
2. Behead the Gorgon
3. The Ultimate Destroyer
4. Lord of Butchery
5. Grisly Hound of the Pit
6. Cannibal Massacre
7. Horror
8. Engorged With Unborn Gore
9. The Hydra Coils Upon This Wicked Mountain

Length: 38:27

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Emerging from the caustic burrows of Chicago comes the monolith of metal called Lair of the Minotaur. Imagine Crowbar meeting Slayer meeting Celtic Frost - the result is a sludge-laden mixure of thrashier elements and more traditionalized doom.

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